Thursday, July 26, 2012

CW "Bill" Young may be facing biggest challenge yet

Congressional Candidate Jessica Ehrlich

Breaking: New Poll shows more than half of Pinellas voters don't want to reelect Young 

Jessica Ehrlich;s campaign got some polling numbers today and it is clear just how unpopular our opponent, Bill "Get a Job" Young, really is! 

In the poll, we are only five points away from Young among likely voters. Five points is nothing. After his rude outburst at a voter who asked his stance on the minimum wage and the fact that he is completely disconnected from the people he is supposed to be serving. 

But, voters are fed up with Bill Young and obviously want a fresh voice in Congress. 

The next 7 hours are critical - we have our primary filing deadline to the FEC and all eyes are on our fundraising after these poll numbers. Please help us have the strongest showing possible, we are only $9,000 from our goal. 
Earlier today, Bill voted against the wishes of Pinellas County yet again and for less regulation of offshore drilling. 

This just goes to show that Congressman Young could care less about the people he represents. Florida was ravaged by the BP oil disaster, but all Young cares about is padding his oil allies pockets.

Thank you. I wouldn't ask if it was not so critical. Contribute now.


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