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Banned Mormon cartoon

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This cartoon  has a look and feel os somthing produced  in the 1950s or 1960s. However, the information is accurate based on what Rightardia knows about the Latter Day Saints. . There is an exteneded version of this cartoon at

If you have concerns about about Mitten's regiion, this may answer some of your questions. Romeny is a devout Mormon who has been been both a Mormon bishop and stake holder or stake presidnet.

Joseph Smith perceived the Bible had been translated incorrectly.  He used seer stone which were equivalent to a crystal ball to translate  the golden plates he discovered in NY and "corrected" the Bible.

Elohim was the arch god in Judaism who created Jahweh and Asherah, his wife. Around 600 bce, King Joseph/Josiah got rid of Asherah and Judsiam become monotheistic.

However, it was Elohim who created Adam and Eve. Elohim is a plural Hebrew form which may denote the dual sexauaity of Elohim, who was both male and female.

This video was made by Jeremiah Films ( Foundational Mormon Doctrines, twisted as they are, were never more readily / simply explained, demonstrated & exposed than in the God Makers Cartoon aka "The BANNED Mormon Cartoon".. 

The claims contained within are what the Mormon religion was actually founded on. Many modern Mormons now try to distance themselves from these views simply because of their blatant absurdity, yet still cannot manage to simply walk away from their religion, such is the power of the constraints of religion on the mind. 

Despite these absurdities, millions of Americans call themselves Mormons today.

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