Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bachelorette and the winner is . . .

Jef is moving to Charlotte, NC to be with Emily and her cute daughter. 

Emily was an impressive women who seemed to have more judgment and uncommon sense that other bachelorettes. 

It was clear she was looking for both a husband and father for her daughter.

Rightardia also heard that Arie was a ladies man and being a A1 Grand Prix driver who travels internationally, we would expected this may not have worked out in the long run.

We also liked the way Emily tossed off on of the pretentious Kalon who referred to her daughter as "excess baggage." When all the bachelors returned at the end of the season, Kalon still did not understand what a stupid mistake he had made.

We also think that Emily was smart to give the arrogant sport trainer, Ryan, the boot. He was slick but superficial when he indicated he wanted a "trophy wife."

Ryan also indicated he went on the show not for Emily but  because he wanted a wife. He missed the art about a package deal that included both a wife and a child.

Jef got that part and was the one that got to see Emily's daughter on the final show.

Most of these arraigned marriages on the Bachelorette don't work out.

Rightardia hope this one does. We thnk Emily is a terrific woman.

Both Emily and Jef plan to do humanitarian work in Africa. Jef has water company and has drilled wells abroad in the past.

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