Saturday, June 23, 2012

WIN: More than 130,000 ask Wal-Mart to drop abusive supplier, 6/22/2012

CJ Seafood workers

The effort to get Wal-Mart to drop a supplier accused of abusing workers has drawn more than 130,000 people on 

A Louisiana company called CJ Seafood allegedly forced workers to work up to 24 hours at a time with no overtime pay, locked them in the work facility and threatened to beat them. 

The workers also say they live in a labor camp near the workplace and they have been prevented from leaving after 9 p.m. The  wants Wal-Mart to hold CJ Seafood responsible and get them to end the worker abuse.

This one of the worst cases of worker abuse that Rightardia has heard of. 

The workers were legally hired under the federal H-2B temporary worker program.  The workers even went to the police to complain of forced labor and being physically threatened for not working fast enough.

From Rightardia's perspective, CJ Seafood has a "management problem." 


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