Monday, June 4, 2012

US Education v. the World

What are some of the problems in US education? First, the Republican Party has been tinkering with it for more than a decade and it hasn't improved.

In fact, SAT reading scores for graduating high school seniors this year reached the lowest point in nearly four decades, the College Board reported.

Some of this can be blamed on diversity. The test-takers are more diverse than ever and nearly half of the high school seniors took the test.

The Republican position has centered around making teachers more competitive with each other and evaluating students with standardized tests.

This simply hasn't worked.

The major has taught both high, at "for profit" colleges and a technical school.

He considers a former high school teaching job one of the worst he ever had. To make matters worse, he bleives many of the people going into education are underachievers in college.

Many education colleges have a "dumbed up" liberal arts curriculum. This was his observation at a major mid-west college in the 1960's.

Have things changed? The Major hopes so, but doubts that much change has occurred in Florida.

He perceives teacher as relatively equivalent to physical education majors. In Florida many of these PE majors were high school coaches who went on to become principals.

The state governments really need to take a close look at the education colleges and their curricula. Perhaps scholarships are needed to get better students into education. Better students will become better teachers.

State and federal governments need to stop reinventing the wheel.

The federal government should take a hard look at the approach the Finns, Canadians, Japanese and Japanese are using. 

Certainly some of the educational; approaches that other nations use, particularly those with homogeneous populations, would not work in the US. But some ideas would work.

Check out the article on Finnish education:

Although corporations need more technical people, there has always been a stigma with this sort of education. Vocational ed is for working class families, not the kids in the suburbs. This is hardly view that the Scandinavians or Germans have on technical education.

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