Thursday, June 21, 2012

Public Policy Polling: Florida voters like St. Augustine best, Miami worst

St. Augustine, America's first  colonial city 
Raleigh, NC– In a land of vacation and retirement destinations, Floridians like their tourist spots just as much as travelers from outside the state doa

Of ten cities PPP asked Florida voters their opinion of, the most popular by far was the oldest city in the country, and the next one of the biggest family draws.

In general, Sunshine Staters like all their cities quite a bit—the lone exception being its biggest beach resort and club hotspot.
St. Augustine is seen favorably by 76% and unfavorably by only 5% of the state’s registered voters.

That is centuries ahead of the home of Disney World, Orlando (64-13), which is followed closely by Tampa (61-13), home of Busch Gardens; Key West (60-12); and Tampa’s cross-bay neighbor St. Petersburg (56-8). 

One of the Major favorite places to stay in St. Augustine is the World Golf Village. You can get some terrific deals off-season.

If you are a Democrat, avoid the red necks, crackers and oily beaches in the Panhandle and come to Central Florida.

If you visit the Tampa Bay area, the state park at Honeymoon Island offers one of the most pristine beaches in Florida.

Both Pinellas and Hillsborough counties are Blue.
source: Florida voters like St. Aug best, Miami worst - Public Policy Polling

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