Friday, June 8, 2012

Mittens impersonated police officers in both high school and college

The video is a shorter version of the 8 minute clip Rightardia ran yesterday on Weird Willard's's penchant for dressing up as a law enforcement officer. 

More details are emerging on this story and the fact this peculiar behavior started in high school. 

Robin Madden recounted a story that Mitt Romney once brought a group of classmates up to his Stanford university dorm room. he had a  Michigan State Trooper’s uniform on his bed. 

Madden and Romney were prep school boys living in the same dorm, called Rinconada.

Madden said:

He told us that he had gotten the uniform from his father,” George Romney, then the Governor of Michigan, whose security detail was staffed by uniformed troopers

He told us that he was using it to pull over drivers on the road. He also had a red flashing light that he would attach to the top of his white Rambler.

Madden’s recollection was confirmed by his wife, Susan, who said:  

We thought it was all pretty weird. We all thought, ‘Wow, that’s pretty creepy.' And after that, we didn’t have much interaction with him. 

A magistrate at Cranbrook, Romney's boarding school, described a famous prank in which Romney dressed up in a police uniform and a badge, and placed a police light on top of his vehicle, He then  pulled over a car full of friends on a double date. 

The story is confirmed in the book,  The Real Romney and by other Cranbrook students.

Graham McDonald, a former friend of Mittens helped him plan the joke. He told the Philadelphia Inquirer:

As planned, Romney pulled their car over, demanded the vehicle registration, and asked for the keys to the trunk - where he 'found' the bottle of bourbon McDonald had taken from his dad and planted as part of the ruse.

He told me and my friend to get out with him, and that he was taking us in. The idea was to spook the girls.

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