Monday, June 25, 2012 Romney's plan for the military may be indefensible

The Romborg's Fuzzy Math

"Here's an issue that hasn't been debated much in the presidential campaign but ought to be: How much should we spend on defense?

President Obama has proposed keeping the Pentagon budget essentially flat for the next 10 years. Mitt Romney, by contrast, wants to increase defense spending massively — by more than 50% over current levels, according to one estimate. That could mean almost $2 trillion in additional military spending over 10 years."

Romeny wants to spend 4 per cent of the nation's GDP on defense, an increase form 3.2 per cent. Mittens sees the US an an international policeman. Of course, that mission really belongs to the UN.

Romney recently stated in San Diego:

A strong America is the best deterrent to war that has ever been invented. 

Romney's approach would cause an increase to the national debt and could only be paid for by cut backs to social programs like food stamps, unemployment compensation, Medicare and Medicaid.

See Doyle McManus: Romney's plan for the military may be indefensible -

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