Sunday, June 3, 2012

Is the election slip-slidding away for Obama?

Mittens is fast closing the electoral gap according the electoral map of the Huffington Post. It takes 270 to win.

Intrade also shows that the president's lead has been whittled away with Obama dropping into the low fifties and Mittens moving into the forties.

Could Romney beat Obama? With the super PAC money based on the Citizens United ruling, it is possible. Otherwise, a Romney victory would be unlikely.

What could be the cause of the undoing of the Obama presidency. Rightardia suggests the Obama administration should have emphasized jobs and housing over medical care.

The medical care battle lasted 15 months and the Democrats may have lost focus on other more pressing issues like tax reform.

However, the Obama stimulus has been successful. The Europeans tried austerity and it didn't work. Conservative governments have been turned out in Europe.

Can Obama salvage the election? Only if jobs and housing improve.

In the case of housing, interest rates are dropping but the latest data in March’s data for the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices were for the most part negative for the housing market.

Analysts have said the economy would need 150,000 per month prior to the election for Obama to win. That objective has been missed for two months: 115,00 in April and 69,000 in May,

What if Romney is elected? Past history suggests he would try to manage the economy rather than lead the nation. The Romney camp knows austerity will fail, but it is hard to teach that old Republican dog new tricks especially when you put that dog on top of your station wagon.

Romney's election would probably hasten the decline of the GOP which has been in the rear view mirror for a couple of years.

Will the Democrats cooperate with a GOP  president assuming they hold the Senate or retake the House?

This is an interesting question because if they do, it will suggest Democrats will work with a Republican president, but Republicans won't work with a Democrat.

This is a lesson that voters would be sure to notice!

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