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Emily Maynard is one hot momma

Emily Maynard, the  Batchelorette

Emily Maynard, is the star of the Bachelorette. Rightardia has never taken this show seriously because most of the contestants were cookie cutter and superficial.. However, the latest Batchelorette, Emily Maynard has broken that mold. 

According to ABC:

Emily Maynard, the beautiful, sweet, young mom who captured America's and Brad Womack's heart on the 15th season of 
The Bachelor, finally thought she had her happy ending. She accepted Brad's proposal and was looking forward to walking down the aisle. Unfortunately her relationship with Brad ended, along with her dream of moving to Austin with her daughter, Ricki, and starting a family. 

We think the show banned the termed "making  a connection" because it was so overused from last season. 

We suspect the Bachelor or Bachelorette hooks up with one of the contestants by mid-show so the other contestants know who the winner will be. 

However, the Bachelor or Bahelorette doesn't get to see the broadcasts the viewers see. Accordingly, the viewers often know who the cads and the cadesses are long before the Bachelor or Bachlorette figures it out.

In fact, Ben Ben Flajnik from last season, dropped his final pick Courtney Robertson directly after he reviewed the seasons episodes to the show. This was after Ben had been repeatedly warned about Courtney by the other contestants. 

Rightrdia's rogue Gallery of the Bachelorette

First, would be the flake, Brad Womack. On his first season ,he didn't pick anybody. They let him come back another season and Emily was picked by Brad but the relationship didn't last. 

Rightradia pegged Brad as the kind of man who would never marry. 

Courtney Robertson was another rogue. The other women couldn't stand the manipulative bitch and gave the Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, plenty of hints, but Ben picked the skank, Courtney, any way. Once he saw the old episodes of the show, he wisely stopped the engagement. 

And then the last one, Vienna Giraldi. The other women on the show had no use for her, but she was  Jake Pavelka's final pick in Season 14. The relationship also ended after the show.

Emily just might get married after the Bachelorette ends

Emily appears to be smarter than the others and listens to what the different contestants tell her. One of the contestants referred to Emily's daughter as baggage and Emily promptly tossed him of the show after she asked what he had to say for himself

In last night's episode, she had a date with Ryan, an arrogant pro sports trainer, who indicated he wanted a "trophy wife." Emily wasn't impressed and didn't give him a rose. 

She was wise to give the hook to this jerk. Ryan was devastated and tried to talk his way out of the pink slip, but Emily stood her ground. The other male contestants were happy to see Ryan get the toss. 

Emily may have more judgment than the typical contestant on this show because she has been engaged and cared for a child. A lot of the other people on the show seem to be air heads. 

We hope the Bachleor/Bacherlorette brings on more mature people like Emily on the show. She added a lot of depth to a show that had too much fluff in the past. 

We hope Emily finds true love. If anybody has the abiltiy to make a wise pick, it is Emily. 

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