Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yahoo CEO with fraudulent resume resigns

Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson didn't have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from a small college in Easton, MA. He listed the computer science degree on his resume. He was forced to resign over the resume discrepancy. Thompson did not receive severance pay from Yahoo.

Thompson has an accounting degree from Stonehill College, an accomplishment that Scott also listed in his resume. The accounting degree was the only one Scott had listed in his resume last year at eBay.

At that time Thompson was running that company’s PayPal payment service.

Rightardia wonders how many other CEOs and senior staff have erroneous data in their resumes.

Rightardia published an Infrographic about cheating and it indicated that many people who cheat do so throughout their working careers.

You would think that HR departments would require college transcripts to verify education. Many corporations require that managers have baccalaureate degrees.

Of course, many aspiring managers in some corporations would go to "for profit" colleges to pickup easy degrees to fill squares. 

Phoenix University come to mind as one of these corporate diploma mills. 

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