Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIN: UAW President questions Romney’s claims on the US auto industry

By Doug Cunningham

United Auto Workers President Bob King says had Mitt Romney been president the domestic auto industry would have been allowed to collapse.

That collapse would have caused massive jobs loss. King says Romney is dead wrong when Romney claims he was for government assistance in a managed auto industry bankruptcy.

King notes that Romney opposed federal loans to GM and Chrysler in a 2009 New York Times op-ed piece.

In February of this year (Rmney) wrote that he believed the auto industry would be better without the Obama administration’s help.

The UAW president says the domestic auto industry was a victim of the credit collapse which was caused by Wall Street fraud.

King says Obama and Democrats made sure that the auto industry got emergency bridge loans that enabled the industry to survive.

King says the comeback of the U.S. auto industry is a great national success story.

He says because Obama made sure the auto industry was saved 200,000 auto jobs were added in the last few years.

graphic source: The Auto Channel

source: Workers Independent News

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