Monday, May 14, 2012

WIN: 'Solidarity Kick-Off" In Wisconsin Launches Door-To-Door Gov. Walker Recall Effort

Walker Billionaire Video Further Energizes Wisconsin Uprising


By Doug Cunningham

With music, food and speeches Wisconsin’s South Central Federation of Labor’s Solidarity Kick-Off launched a door-to-door get out the vote push to recall Governor Scott Walker June 5th.

It was a spirited affirmation of the Wisconsin Uprising’s determination to defeat Walker’s attacks on workers, on education, health care and on women. 

It came two days after a January 2011 video of Walker talking to Wisconsin billionaire Diane Hendricks surfaced. Hendricks asked Walker if he could make Wisconsin a ‘right to work” state by attacking unions. 

Walker’s reply was an enthusiastic ‘Oh yeah!”. Walker said the “first step” was to attack public worker collective bargaining to “divide and conquer”. Hendricks went on to give Walker more than $500,000. 

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said: 

This is a moment in tine where people in Wisconsin get to decide whether they want to take back their state or do they want someone who wants to divide and conquer.

Wisconsin State Representative Chris Taylor vowed that on June 5th Walker will hear the roar of Wisconsin mothers intent on protecting education and workers.

Rep. Chris Taylor said: 

We will never stand for what he took from workers and working families – 60 years of collective bargaining rights – we’re gonna get those back. Now he’s been caught on videotape, so arrogant – doesn’t think he’s actually being taped – that we’re going to listen to what he said about his strategy, divide and conquer. Scott Walker, I’ll give you this. You’re good at dividing. But we will never be conquered by you. The people united will never be defeated! (crowd chants along) The people united will never be defeated!”

Wisconsin Education Association President Mary Bell added: 

Every single action that’s come up has been a confirmation of what we knew his first actions were about. And they aren’t about helping the working people of this state. They aren’t about supporting families. And they aren’t about education. They are about pushing a corporate agenda, just like Ms. Hendricks wanted to bring to him and he so gleefully embraced.

Madison, Wisconsin police officer Brian Austin has protested Walker’s attack on workers from the beginning as an activist with Cops For Labor. He says the Walker billionaire video show that the governor is corrupt.

Brian Austin explained: 

My first reaction is a very visceral one, because it was just such an utterly creepy and sinister conversation. It’s supremely offensive to me as a police officer to hear that and to witness that lack of integrity.

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