Friday, May 18, 2012

WIN: New documents show extraordinary influence of ALEC

By Doug Cunningham

The Madison, Wisconsin based Center For Media And Democracy Thursday released a report called “ALEC Exposed In Wisconsin: The Hijacking of A State”.

The Center For Media and Democracy Executive Director Lisa Graves says it documents the extraordinary corporate influence of ALEC’s legislative agenda that goes far beyond mere lobbying that gives unelected corporate lobbyists equal votes with lawmakers on Wisconsin laws.

Lisa Graves noted:

 Our key findings are that 32 bills or budget provisions that have been introduced in this last year and a half reflect ALEC model legislation. Twenty-on of these bills were passed, nineteen of them became law. Over a quarter million dollars has been given to ALEC legislative members in the state by ALEC corporations in campaign donations since 2008. And nearly a half million dollars - $400,000 – has been given to Scott Walker to his state account since 2008.

The Center For Media Democracy and Common Cause are calling on attornies general in Wisconsin and other states to investigate ALEC’s legislative role and its claim that it isn’t a lobbying organization.

Graves says ALEC’s heavy handed control over many state politicians – including key legislators in Wisconsin- amounts to a corporate hijacking of state government.

Graves explained:

When you look at that information in totality we think its fair to say that ALEC has helped hijack Wisconsin. And we think it’s fair to say that the people of Wisconsin have not been informed by their elected officials about the role of ALEC.

source: Worker Independent News

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