Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why conservatives are historical revisionists

Speaking of a historical revisionist, Newt Gingrich comes to mind. 

Newt suggested the French Revolution was bad because French revolutionaries  attacked the Catholic Church. Of course, the French Revolution was stimulated by the American Revolution and the French fleet helped the colonists win the Revolutionary War. 

Republicans have also stated the Civil War was about State's rights while it was really fought over the decreasing power of the Southern states and the expansion of slavery into new US territories. 

Republicans have also suggested the Great Depression was caused by Democrats although three consecutive Republican  presidents preceded the Great Depression and the depression started during the Herbert Hoover presidency. 

Republicans have also tried to take credit for LBJ's Civil Rights Act of 1964, something a representative from Georgia recently wanted an exemption from.  

Considering the ALEC and GOP effort to make it harder to vote, Democrats would be stupid to allow Georgia to walk away from the Civil Rights Act that stopped Jim Crow laws in the South. These laws were designed to prevent blacks from voting. 

Republican Dirty Tricks noted: 

My friends over at Americans Against the Tea Party put it best when they said, “What does it say about a movement whose brightest “stars” are the dimmest bulbs?”

RDR's Taradacktyl wrote a funny article. Rightradia's Ricky the Rightard and Taradactyl's loud, opinionated uncle have a lot in common! 


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