Saturday, May 19, 2012

RT: Russia unveils new T90-MS battle tank in India

Russian arms producers have presented the most up-to-date exportable version of the T-90 main battle tank to potential buyers.

The presentation happened at the Defexpo India 2012 in New Delhi, where the producers of the T-90MS hope to find buyers for the new armored vehicle.

The upgraded tank has improved capabilities in firepower, protection, mobility and command ability,”

Andrey Terlikov, the chief designer of the T-90 at the Uralvagonzavod plant, said.

The T-90MS is the latest modification of the combat vehicle dubbed the “flying tank”. It has a new turret with the Kalina modernized targeting system, which is integrated with the squad commander’s control system. Also on board are an upgraded 2A46M-5 cannon and a new air defense machine gun.

The tank also has new version of the explosive reactive armor called Relict. It has an improved gear shifter and better steering control.

Its armor was modified to better withstand fire, though it is now slightly less resistant to the affects of a nuclear attack.

The tank is also equipped with an auxiliary diesel engine that is primarily used during stops.

It allows for better fuel efficiency and produces less heat than the main engine, making the vehicle less noticeable in the infra-red spectrum.

The T-90MS hit the domestic production in September 2011.

So far it has not been sold to a foreign country.

The producer hopes that India would be interested in upgrading the T-90 tanks it already owns to the MS versions.

It gas also invited governments in Latin America and other regions to check out  at its capabilities.


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