Monday, May 14, 2012

Republican Party has become absurd when it ran out of scapegoats

OWS has become a major political movement in the US that is rallying against the one percent plutocracy.

Who is likely to get the GOP presidential nod ? Mittens, a one per cent plutocrat, that's who.

For years the GOP has tried to pit the middle calls against the less fortunate. First is was blacks, the poor,  and then single parent women. Today Hispanics and Muslims are currently in the GOP barrel. Then the GOP started another war on women over contraception.

The GOP has run out of scapegoats and has done a swell job of delivering all of these constituencies to the Democratic party.

The GOP argument is that only people who have been successful business people  are fit to lead out great nation and the government should give these most productive people in our society huge tax breaks because the middle class is dependent upon them

Rightardia imagines the French nobility harbored similar thoughts as they were being led to the guillotine. Some probably muttered, "what will the French people do without us?"

In Rightardia's view, the middle class is more important than the corporate overlord class. As one person on Usenet explained it, tax cuts at the end of the year are great, but it is even more important to have customers.

In addition, the "leadership" skills required to operate a corporation are different than those required in government. Corporate workers are motivated by bonuses and pay increases. Such motivation tools are less useful in government.

Government leaders must motivate far large organizations that exist in the private sector. Charisma, charm and encouragement of a collegial thought process is more common in government, which is more bottoms ups, than the command and control authoritarian approach that many CEOs prefer.

Essentially, America has a choice. Do we want a first family that is a lot like us or do we want a first family that is very different from the man on the street?

Do we want a man who may not be perfect, but who has our best interests at heart? Or do we want the next president to function like a CEO.?

This is the way Mitt Romney ran the MA government when he was governor.

Romney was very impersonal and didn't even know the names of the Democratic leaders in the statehouse. The Democrats were the majority party.

How can a man like Mittens work for bipartisan compromise? Mitt vetoed 800 bills when he was MA governor and about 640 were overturned.

Mitt would be a gridlock president!


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