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Zina Saunders: Virginia Foxx on higher education

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See more at -- Ultra-conservative North Carolina Republican congresswoman Virginia Foxx, chair of the Higher Education Subcommittee in the House, made news in the past week when she said that she has "very little tolerance" for people who take out student loans. "There's no reason for that. We live in an opportunity society and people are forgetting that ... You don't sit on your butt and have it dumped in your lap."

Ah, yes. This is the same high-minded Virginia Foxx who sponsored the "Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education Act," [HR 2117], a bill to repeal federal regulation of for-profit colleges — colleges that prey on low-income students, have ludicrously low graduation rates, and receive more than 75% of their revenue from federal grants and - gulp - student loans.

Oh. And that the for-profit schools industry is one of her biggest campaign contributors.

Her bill passed the House by a wide margin in February. It will next be voted on in the Senate. She's quite the champion of small government and higher education, eh?

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Rightardia is very familiar for the "for profit" school scam. Many of these schools offer associate or baccalaureate programs that are marginal. The student ends up with a hollow or worthless degree and most of the credits won't transfer to any community colleges or state schools. 

The Student get stuck with a $20k or more student loan debt that he or she is unable to repay to the Federal government. So the taxpayer gets left holding the bag. 

Rightardia would imagine that the Senate would be unlikely to approve HR2117. Even if it did, Obama would be certain to veto it. He has commented about the problem with "for profit" schools many times. 

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