Thursday, May 10, 2012

Morning after pill manufacturer supports Mittens

Phil Frost, Teva Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo reports that next week the Romney campaign will be doing a major fundraisers across Florida, including an event at the mansion of pharmaceutical magnate Phil and Pat Frost where dinner costs $50,000.”

Who is Dr. Phil Frost? He is the  Chairman of the Board of Directors  of Teva Pharmaceuticals, a major manufacturer of contraceptives.Teva is in Israeli company which may expalin this development. 

Mittens is friends with PM Bibi Natenyahu and many right wing Israelis are hoping Obama will be defeated in the 2012 elections.

Teva's North American website prominently advertises several forms of contraception, including Plan B One Step, which Romney previously denounced as an “abortive pill."

This news will no go over well with conservative "right to lifers."
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