Monday, May 7, 2012

Mittens stops Al Qaeda Terrorist Plot and one-ups Obama

Mittens was ready to embark onto to a 767 Dreamliner with a first class ticket seating to France.

He was going to Paris to console Nickolas Sarkozy who lost the French general election to a socialist.

As Mitt was waiting to embark, an Arab man form Morocco, Grabbir Boubi, walked by.

Mittens was instantly alerted that he was in danger.

Mittens alerted the nearest Transportation security Agent that Grabbir Boubi was a terrorist.

When TSA interrogators examined the Moroccan man they discovered he was wearing explosive underwear.

The man later confessed that he was a member of al Qaeda who was going to Tampa to blow up the Republican convention.

When Mitt Romney was asked how he knew the man was a terrorist, Mittens indicated that his magic Mormon underwear has alerted him about the terrorist Grabbir Boubi's undergarments.

Source: Dr. Jai Maharaj Usenet post

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