Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mittens explains the economic recovery using magical thinking

The Obama administration economic stimulus has a great deal to with the economic recovery.

In Europe, the governments there tried austerity and the voters have been turning out governments in France, Germany, Greece and Spain since.

Mittens contrarian view follows:

Now his campaign these days is trying to find a twig to hang on to, some little excuse they can grab and say, ‘Look, things are getting a little better, aren’t they?’ And the answer is yeah, things are getting a little better in a lot of places in this country, but it’s not thanks to his policies,” he said. “It’s in spite of his policies. You see, every recession ultimately comes to an end, but you’d expect that this deep recession might come back to an aggressive turnaround, but it didn’t happen.

Indeed, the Us is emerging from the Great Recession, but that's not due to any help from the GOP.

Mittens went on:

Government sees small business and big business as the enemy. We’re not the enemy,” Romney said. “Some of these liberals say they like a strong economy but then they act like they don’t like business. An economy is nothing but the collection of all of our businesses together. I want our government to support small business, middle-size business, big business. I want jobs. I want government that’s an ally of business not an enemy of business.

Government does see some business as the enemy: those that are too big to fail like the investment banks on Wall Street. 

The Obama administration has never taken an adversary approach toward small business that it has provided a slew of tax breaks. The energy  industry, of course, is hardly small business.

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