Sunday, May 13, 2012

Logical fallacies

Both parties do this, but Rightardia suggests the GOP uses these attacks more often.

The GOP does this because most of their attacks are ad hominem arguments attack individuals like President Obama or groups such as minorities, women or LGBT people.

Often the conservative will claim a Democratic poster is a socialist. Rightardia's favorite retort: only a fascist would say that! This is an example of guilt by association.

Rush Limbaugh suggested if we undo everything Obama has done, America will be fine. Fine for conservatives who caused the financial collapse of America; perhaps, but certainly not for middle class Americans. This is a false dilemma.

In most cases on Usenet, progressive posts are countered with spam, wisecracks or the conservative counter-poster tries to change the subject and often the title of the original post.

Loaded questions are often common in right wing surveys: Most people feel that income tax is way too high.

Do you think affluent Americans are paying too much is income tax? 

This is a loaded question that uses leading words to introduce a bias into the question.

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