Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Mittens would be a mediocre president at best

Locutus Romney

Rudy Giuliani recently comparing his public duties to that of Mitt Romney's.  He described it as "my far superior record to his otherwise-decent record."

Giuliani wasn't exaggerating. Romney's record as MA governor is circumspect and a CNN article explains why. 

Giuliani worked in New York City nonstop for eight years while Mitt was not in Massachusetts much of the time when he was governor.

Mitt's record in Massachusetts is less impressive because he was only in office for one term and left the governorship with a 39 per cent approval rating, making his reelection improbable. 

Halfway through his term he started laying the groundwork to run for president. Since then Mitt has been running on executive experience and running away form his record as MA governor

Mitten's CEO approach with the Democrat-dominated legislature fell flat. 

He was an autocrat who didn't even know the name of the key MA Democratic leaders. According to ConservapediaRomney vetoed 844 pieces of legislation and had 700 overridden. He even alienated Republicans in the MA Senate. 

As the chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association for the 2006 mid-term elections, he spent two-thirds of his time out of state.

As John Avalon wrote in a CNN article: 

. . .(A) more detailed portrait of his time in Massachusetts can be found in the essential book "The Real Romney," written by two Boston Globe reporters, Michael Kranish and Scott Helman. But suffice it to say that Mitt is a very goal-oriented guy, and after achieving the governorship, he set his sights quickly on the next challenge -- the one that had eluded his beloved father -- the presidency.

Of interest, Mitt is behind by 25 points in his home state of Massachusetts. This this be a warning shot to anyone thinking he is presidential material

America doesn't need a president who an aloof technocrat, who lacks political skills and who vetoes bills that have taken months to creep though the halls of the House and the Senate.   

Rightardia believes Romney would be a gridlock president

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