Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fishink: BTW, Where Was ‘The Donald’ Born?

Trump was probably born in South Africa

by RS Janes
(updated from a 2011 post)
Now there seems to be some question about Donald Trump’s birthplace. (That those questions were apparently invented out of thin air, possibly for humorous reasons, is of no consequence.) 
As we know from the example of the right-wring media, any question involving your place of birth must be answered by a slew of legal documents which they will then reject as forgeries and demand more.
This is just as Trump, to goose up his pathetic TV show’s ratings with a presidential bid, is demanding that Obama release his ‘long form’ birth certificate since the short form, adequate for obtaining a US passport or entering the military, just isn’t enough for the blubbery mass of ham and ego some call “The Donald.”

Rightardia: Keep in mind the Clown of NYC talked about a third party run for president. 

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