Wednesday, May 23, 2012

China Daily: New plan to reduce income inequality

"The framework may use the Gini coefficient, an internationally accepted gauge of income inequality, or adopt a mix of indicators, such as urban-rural income disparity or wage differences among various industries.
Targets would almost certainly be more powerful than persuasion, he said.
The country’s Gini coefficient has already reached a high, if not dangerous level. It is close to 0.5, he said, a point that "is threatening" social security. Little room is left for the index to grow.
The last time the government reported the Gini coefficient was in 2000, when it stood at 0.412."

You would not thinks that income distribution would be so unequal in a communist nation. 

Of interest, the US GINI coeficient ais also near.5 which exaplains both Tea Bagger and the OWS movements.
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