Saturday, May 26, 2012

Callista was right

Callista Gingrich - Caricature

I told Newt not to run. Now all our donors to Newt, Inc. are abandoning us and Newt and I are back in bankruptcy court. 

Newt wants me to sell some of my Tiffany's bling, but that is way over the line. I'll have to find another husband who can support my lifestyle. 

Newt and I will be heading to divorce court after the bankruptcies. 

If you think this scenario is far fetched, it isn't. Against the advice of his campaign advisers, Newt took his wife on a luxury cruise to Greece during the presidential campaign "to save his marriage." Callsita was opposed to Newt's primary run for president.

Rightardia suspects that the Tiffany's scandal also alienated Newt's contributors.

Newt also tried to sell his confidential donor list to raise cash.

Callista was right. Newt should have never run for president. It was a long shot and his undoing.

Speaking about Shadenfreude! This couldn't happen to anyone who deserved it more than the Newster.

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