Friday, May 25, 2012

Another bad week for Rick Scott

Scott embarrassed the entire state of Florida while he was in Spain. Now a bill he signed into law is under scrutiny by the Department of Labor.

Gov. Rick Scott signed a law last year that sharply reduces the duration of benefits and makes filing unemployment claims quite difficult.

The new unemployment procedure appear to be designed to discourage workers to file for unemployment.

The law requires claims to be filed online, creates a 45 question skills test with math and reading questions.

Workers are required to keep detailed records of their job searches. In a 9 month period 43,680 Floridians were denied benefits because they didn't finish the 45-question test.

The National Employment Law Project and Florida Legal Services claimed the law shortchanges people who should be eligible for benefits in a formal labor complaint.

Florida Legal Services attorney Valory Greenfield pointed out:

Florida's revised procedures make it just about as difficult as possible for unemployed workers to access unemployment insurance now. The effect is that the state is blocking workers from accessing help they are qualified for and twisting the knife in the state’s ailing economy. Nowhere in the country is it this hard to get help when you lose a job.

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