Friday, April 27, 2012

WIN: Wal-Mart Chairman And CEO should resign Over Mexican Bribes Scandal

By Doug Cunningham

The Change To Win labor federation says the public needs to send Wal-Mart a message about its alleged bribery of Mexican officials to expand in that country.

Change To Win says Wal-Mart reportedly bribed public officials in Mexico to evade laws designed to protect workers, the environment and communities and then tried to cover it up.

Change To Win is urging people to sign an online petition calling for the resignations of Wal-Mart Board Chair Rob Walton and CEO Mike Duke, and a thorough an independent investigation of Wal-Mart's actions. The petition is at

Of interest, the US chamber of commerce has two former Wal-Mart executives on it. Their approach to Wal-Mart's corruption in Mexico is lobby so that the Corrupt Practices Act is revised to make it easier for US corporations abroad that are bribing local officials.

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