Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIN: Lunchpail Republicans say "right-to-work" fails to create jobs

Indiana’s Lunch Pail Republicans say not a single job has been created by Indiana’s so-called ‘Right To Work’ law. 

Lunchpail Republican Chairman David Fagan is president of the Indiana International Union of Operating Engineers.

He spent many years as a Republican precinct committeeman. Fagan says the anti-union legislation pushed into law by Indiana Republicans has brought no benefit whatsoever to Indiana. 

Fagan says with the law weakening unions Republicans turned their backs on the middle class, small business. Lunchpail Republicans are fighting to take back the Republican Party for “ordinary working Republicans”. 

The group says they’ve been disenfranchised by the abandonment of traditional Republican ideals. Lunchpail Republicans started in Indiana and has spread to Illinois.

Right to work laws have rarely helped workers. The intent is to weaken unions because it allows worker ot opt out of paying union dues.  

Some Republican governors have even signed laws into effect that prohibit unions to take automatic deductions from paychecks. 

The courts have not been impressed with such discriminatory anti-union laws. 

Of course, when Democratic governors are elected, Rightardia is not aware of any Dem govs who have repealed right to  work laws. 

This is because many Democrats are centrist where as the GOP has become increasingly ideological. 

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