Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Texas tornado trashes truckstop

Rightardia wonders if the global warming deniers who live in the Dallas-Fort Worth are wondering if God is punishing them for their insolence.

Dallas-Ft. Worth is the capital of the energy industry that wants to continue US subsidies of gas and oil and also side step Cap 'n Trade taxes.

The main tact of these deniers is to claim that global warming is an unscientific fraud or global warming is caused by the sun.

What an original idea.

Rightardia doesn't believe tornadoes occur because God is punishing someone. We have always taken a skeptical view of such ideas.

Scientists have been predicting that global warming would cause more severe weather in the US. The irony is that Dallas-Ft. worth got a piece of this severe weather action.

Is this poetic justice or that fuzzy Buddhist concept: karma?

Not really! We don't think truckers are behind the cabal to deny global warming.

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