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SNL was awesome Saturday

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SNL really delivered a great show tonight with guest host Sofia Vergara in the spotlight and Mitt Romney in the headlights.

Mitt Romney Sketch:
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Wow! If you didn't catch Sofia Vergara hosting SNL tonight you really owe to yourself to head over to where they will be posting the entire show along with individual clips. 

And for my money, the top three sketches on the show tonight were at number one, the Mitt Romney scene they opened with and at number two was Bein' Quirky with Zoe Deshenel, and at three was this weeks digital short about a new product called Just Friends. 

Sofia Vergara proved herself to be one of this season's best hosts, never flubbing a line or caught reading cue cards the way Lindsay Lohan recently did -- and with a comedic timing that should earn her an invite back to host again if fate continues to smile on her career.

Now I have to admit that I was fooled into thinking that the show had begin early when NBC aired a Mercedes commercial with cars on elevators leading me to believe that they were taking us to Mitt Romney's new house. 

But when the show did actually start I wasn't disappointed, because Jason Sudekis delivered his usual spot on impersonation of Mitt Romney, nailing him in a scene which raised pandering to a new level, and was hilarious because it was so true.

Mitt Romney comes across as a guy out of touch with most of America, but who will say anything and do anything to form some sort of connection with ordinary voters.

And unless Romney does somehow manage to re-invent himself in an authentic manner before next fall, this is the image of him which the show is likely to seer into its audience's collective soul before next November's election.

The show's musical guest was "One Direction," who performed a couple of catchy, boy band songs that I'm sure thrilled all the teen-aged girls watching.

And finally, congratulations to the show's new hire Kate McKinnon who made her first appearance tonight as a featured player and did a solid job playing Penelope Cruz alongside Sofia Vergara in what was, overall, one of the most solid shows of this season.

Josh Brolin will be taking his second stab at hosting next week, so be sure to hit the subscribe button up above so you'll be sure not to miss my review because like the show or not, I watch SNL so you don't have to.
Rightradia agrees. SNL was awesome.

The Jason Sudekis portrayl of Mittens will damage his candidacy. In the sketch, CSPAN followed Mittens around as he spoke in generalities. Hecklers shouted back, "We don't believe you."
Sofia Vergara has natural comedic talents and did a wonderful job. She was in one skit after another. In one skit she parodied Fran Drescher. Not only did she look like Fran in a wig, she sounded exactly like her. 
Of course., Both Fran and Sofia are beautiful women.  

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