Monday, April 23, 2012

Rightardia interviews Commandante Diez, OWS-2

Rightardia interviewed Commandante Diez, the leader of OWS-2. The interview was conducted from 17-19 March at an undisclosed location in St. Petersburg, FL.

Rightardia: Commandante Diez, you are one of the leaders of OWS-2. Is this the second wave of Occupy Wall Street?

Caommandante Diez: No, OWS stands for Occupy White Street-2. We're an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street.

Rightardia: How is OWS-2 different.

Commandante Diez: We don't believe the problem is simply a 1 per cent problem. It is closer to a top 10-15 per cent problem. In many respect the affluent function as a cartel to keep their taxes low and their businesses supplied with generous tax breaks and other perks. These people work in Fortune 1000 corporation and have little empathy for small businesses, particularly those which threaten c-corporation profits. The 1 per cent like Mitt Romney are the leaders this cartel

Rightardia. What sort of plans does OWS-2 have.

Commandante Diez: We plan to return the favor to plutocrats like Gov. Rick Scott who are dickering with election laws. We are planning to lock-in in gated communities on election day and also plan measures that will temporarily disable the kind of autos the affluent drive. We plan to mark cars in a special way that evade our lock-in in so others of the OWS-2 movement can disable these car at other locations.

Rightardia: How do you plan to impede the affluent and the country clubbers?

Commandante Diez: We have been infiltrating the GOP for years and plan to use the tactics, techniques and procedures of Saul Alinsky and Karl Rove to prevent the 2012 election form being stolen. We will use non-violent means to temporarily disable the vehicles of the affluent. Many of our members are auto mechanics who know how to do this. We are also backed by a well known Democratic financier who is setting up a legal defense fund for our activists.

Rightardia. Are their specific neighborhoods you plan to target?

Commandante Diez: You can look at the precinct results of the last election to see where the red neighborhoods are. We even have more detailed information courtesy of the Florida Republican Party.

Rightardia: What other activities do you have planned: 

Commandante Diez:We plan to “stand our ground” if any right wing activists try to disrupt voting in minorities and the less affluent areas of town.

Rightardia: Could this result in violence?

Commandante Zero:That is a distinct possibility but only in the context of “Stand Your Ground.” We know Gov. Rick Scott holds many extreme views and he may try to tilt the FL election in favor of Mitt Romney. We won't allow that to happen.

Commandante Diez: I have to go to an organizing meeting with about 30 community activists.

Rightardia : Thanks you for you interview and good luck with restoring democracy to Floridians.

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