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Online Masters Degree: Cheaters – From Kindergarten to the Working World

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The Major saw a lot of cheating as a college instructor. Foreign student were big cheaters and would often plagiarize simple writing assignments.

Students would use cell phones to text answers to fiends. In a PC course, students were caught using VNC and other Remote Access software to relay questions back and forth.

Recently an engineering student in TX complained to his instructor that several people were cheating in physics class but provided no names.

The instructor used the same test with questions that had been randomized which required three keys to grade. Thirty per cent of the class failed the next test.

Fraternities maintain file folders on professors so that members can reviews test banks before mid-terms and finals. Too many professors allow students to keep their tests.

When the major was a undergraduate at a large mid-western university, students disguised as janitors went into mimeo rooms--now we use copy machines-- and would steal the masters and make copies of the tests on mimeo machine in the fraternity.

Eventually the campus police discovered the cheating ring and several fraternity members were expelled.

As the Infographic points out, cheating doesn't end after high school or college. Resumes are fudged, prior salaries are inflated and sometimes even fraudulent degrees are claimed.

A successful sportscaster in Philadelphia was fired after it was discovered he didn't have a college degree that he had listed on a resume. 

In the Pinellas county sheriff's department, several police officers and staff got degrees they paid $500 for from non-accredited universities. 

All of these people were demoted and they had to pay back the undeserved pay increases they had received to the county government 

Sometimes cheaters get their just rewards, but often they do not.

A good example would be former president who appeared to have faked his way throughout life using family connections.

People didn't realize how stupid the man was until he became president and was in the public eye.

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