Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama’s Goal is to Avoid Conflict With Iran

In the latest in a series of New York Times front-page features on U.S. policy toward Iran based on anonymous sources within the administration, the newspaper proclaimed today the chances of armed conflict with the Islamist state had markedly declined. The unnamed American officials did no more than state the obvious when they noted that . . .

Commentary's Jonathan Tobin adds:

These factors all have a more immediate goal: rendering any attack on Iran out of the question, and thus enabling the president to face the voters without either a huge spike in oil prices or another Middle East conflict.

Rightardia agrees with this assessment. Of course, attacking Iran is not in the self-interest of the US. 

Some of the former members of Mossad and Shin Bet think Bibi Netanyahu holds messianic views about attacking Iran and that the Iranians would be likely to accelerate their nuclear program if attacked.

Rightardia predicted gas prices would rise when the use positioned naval forces near the Strait of Hormuz. Gas prices went up immediately.

See the complete editorial at Obama’s Goal is to Avoid Conflict With Iran

graphic: Washington Post

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