Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nelson up double digits in FL-US Senate

"Sen. Bill Nelson"Bill Nelson, despite less than impressive approval numbers, continues to lead all of his potential opponents in the Florida Senate race by double digits.

Nelson is up 47-37 on Connie Mack IV, 47-35 on Mike McCalister, and 48-34 on George LeMieux. Nelson's advantage comes thanks to leads ranging from 24-33 points with independents . . ."

Rightardia is impressed with Senator Nelson and his staff. When The Major was having trouble with a well-documented Veteran Affairs claim, he first approached a Republican congressional office close to his home, but got lip service at best.

The Major then found out he was actually in a different congressional district and got better service there, but the claim still dragged on.

He then approached a senatorial staffer in Bill Nelson's office in Tampa, who referred him to the Orlando office.

The staff there was quite aggressive and when the local VA regional office tried to rebuff the staffer, he worked the problem though Senator Nelson's Washington office.

Of the three political offices the Rightardia staff worked with, we were most impressed with Bill Nelson's staff.

Of course, we are partisan.

See the compete story at Nelson up double digits in FL-Sen 

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