Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mitt Romney is the wrong man for the presidnecy

The Morning Joe on Friday clarified what sort of politician that Mittens is.

First of all, Mitt is an establishment Republican. He was refereed to the CEO of MA when he was governor because of his autocratic style.

Although the Democratic Party is the majority party is MA, Mittens refused to meet with Democratic leaders.

Mittens was perhaps the governor who vetoed more legislation than any other. He vetoed 844 pieces of legislation, with more than 700 overridden according to Conservapedia.

He did only not get along with Democrats, he also alienated GOP state senators. Mitt left office with a 30 per cent approval rating, giving him no chance for reelection. 

His leadership style in MA suggests he would not make a good president because he
lacks people skills and is not a listener. He is the inner directed type of leader who believes "father knows best." Of course, the Mormon religion is evangelical and patriarchal.

Mittens is, of course,  a lot smarter than GW Bush. He is also a great family man. Most Mormons are. 

Looking at the two alternatives that Americans now have: Obama has the superior leadership qualities America needs. 

Rightardia thinks a one per cent Establishment Republican is not what this country needs when it is still in a crises. Tax cuts, unnecessary wars and supply side economics are what got this country into the ditch to begin with. America will just get more of this with Mitt. 

This is not the time to switch horses in the middle of a stream. There is no perfect political candidate, but Obama is clearly the better man. 

graphic: anti-Republican Crusader

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