Friday, April 6, 2012

Evangelicals abandoning Mittens

Barna. a christian polling agency, is reporting that 22 per cent of Evangelicals will vote for Obama, twice as many as in the last election.

Mitt's Mormon faith is probably the reason. Many Evangelical Christians view the Mormon faith as as a cult even though the Mormon or the Latter Day Saints faith is considered Evangelical.

Rightardia has looked at many polls and we have seen nothing to date that suggests Mittens will win the presidential race. We haven't seen a glimmer of hope for this one per center.

We suspect Ann Romney will try to recapture some female voters for her husband, but it will be tough for her to make any headway against the First Lady,  Michelle Obama, and the Second Lady, Jill Biden.

Both Democratic women are doing wonderful jobs in the White House. Michelle Obama will be a tough act for any new First Lady to follow.

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