Monday, April 16, 2012

Cryptome: New spyware and rootkits for cell phones

Most of this software was probably originally developed for government, but is now available to the public and works on GSM phones. One blogger recommended GlobalGSMControl

Global GSM Control has the power to do a lot of impressive things with the multitude
of features it offers.

Depending on your needs, Global GSM Control offers versions with the
bare minimum of features espionage until the most complete version offering an arsenal of
powerful tools. For you to assess your needs and make your choice!

In general, the features offered by the versions are:

(For more details on the contents of each version of Global GSM Control, visit the official
website ):
* Interception of calls in progress
* Listen environmental
* Spy SMS and Email
* The GPS Location
* Location Triangulation (without GPS you can know the position of the target phone
with an accuracy of 5 to 10m)
* Read the Call Logs
Relay * Email (sending reports to your email address)
* Notification of change of SIM card (In case of change of the target phone SIM card,
software GGC send you the new number via SMS so you can continue your spying)
* Control and configuration remotely with SMS commands (all software functions GGC
are activated / deactivated remotely via SMS commands coded invisible, the
frequency of sending the captured data and also configurable via SMS)
* Export reports
* Uninstall remotely via an SMS command
* Change unlimited phone target
* Quick and easy installation (5 to 10 minutes)
* Free updates
* 100% undetectable
* Copy cats BlackBerry Messenger

* Interception and copy cats WhatsApp Messenger (New! for iPhones and Android
* Support in French competent and highly reactive
* Secured Personal Web Account

Most of this software requires an Internet connection to your cell phone. If you have the internet on your cell phone, password protect the phone to keep a snooping spouse at bay.

Check out the file at Cryptome. It is a real eye opener!

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