Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Allen West: 80 House Democrats Are Communist Party Members

The Palm Beach Post reported Allen West warned constituents at a Tuesday town hall event that he's "heard" that dozens of his Democratic colleagues in the House are members of the Communist Party. 

West wouldn't elaborate beyond and didn't offer up any names for his McCarthyesque slur.

Communist slurs like this usually are from people who hold fascist values. Rightardia has contended since West's congressional election that he is an extermist.

West was court martialed for illegally detaining an assaulting an Iraqi. West should have turned over the Iraqi to the Military police but decided to interrogate the man in the capacity of a field artillery officer.

The right wing has tried to spin the story, but this is the Wikipedia account:

West was charged with violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. During a hearing held as part of an Article 32 investigation in November 2003,

West stated, "I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers." The charges were ultimately referred to an Article 15 proceeding rather than court-martial, at which West was fined $5,000. LTC West accepted the judgment and retired with full benefits in the summer of 2004.

Rightardia would imagine that West is fingering The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) which is the largest Democratic caucus in the US Congress. It has 83 declared members, and works to advance progressive issues and positions.


soruce: Huffington Post

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