Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Al Jazeera English: The myth of 'The Daddy Party'

How men and women vote

"This is a rather sweeping claim, so let me flesh it out for you with broad, yet clearly definable examples, three traditionally male-gendered ares where the GOP has massively failed in the past several decades: economics, the military and science. The GOP's economic failure was staggering - the worst decade of economic performance since the Great Depression, culminating in greatest economic crisis since that same earth-shattering event. The failure was somewhat obscured by the weakness of the Democratic Party in at least two senses - first, the degree to which the Democrats have adopted much of the Republican economic folly as their own, and second, the related failure of the Democrats to articulate a forceful critique of the Republican failure. Yet, even despite this, the failure is unmistakable - as will be sketched out shortly.

There is a similar situation with respect to GOP military failure, but the weakness of the Democratic alternative and critique is even more significant in obscuring that failure. Finally, the Republican's lost grip on science is obscured in a somewhat different way: it's obscured in part because of a much more sweeping erosion of trust that infects almost the entirety of US culture . . ."

The myth of 'The Daddy Party' - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

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