Sunday, April 22, 2012

Al Jazeera English: Can Israel survive?

Washington, DC - "The occupation and the Iran nuclear issue have swallowed up Israel. Unless you live there, the only sense you get of that country is that it is obsessed with Iran, maintaining the occupation and exploiting the Holocaust to keep critics of its policies on the defensive. No wonder a billionaire-financed organisation has to pay for college students to visit Israel. Without the "subsidy", who would voluntarily go to a place that its advocates portray as a combination of war zone and Holocaust memorial?"

. . ."It does not take a genius to know that time works against Israel. If the land is not divided, it is Israel that will lose (perhaps everything), while the Arabs (the overwhelming majority in the region and, within a few decades, the majority in Israel) will win. They can simply wait the Israelis out and watch the Zionist enterprise disappear. Without the two-state solution soon, the one-state solution is unstoppable. "

The Arabs are playing a waiting game they know they will win. A Saudi student told that to The Major this nearly 40 years ago. 

A big problem is the Israeli government itself which has been predominantly right wing and hard line. 

Israel has had 60 years to settle with the Palestinians, but has refused to do so. This has been apparent to Democratic presidents since Jimmy Carter. 

If Israel is unwilling to settle and move forward, the next diaspora is just a matter of time. 

The US cannot float the Israeli boat forever!

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