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WMR: How Mittens swept the Pacific Islands

March 15, 2012 
To Mitt Romney, Republican Pacific islanders who voted for him in GOP caucuses in Hawaii and American Samoa are not merely partisan Romney supporters, but are descendants of Hagoth, a Nephite shipbuilder of the Lehi.

According to Mormon mythology, Lehi, an Israelite prophet, led his tribe from Palestine in 600 BC and ended up in the Americas.

Hagoth, as the the Mormon tale goes, left the Americas with his followers around 54 BC and sailed into the Pacific.

Modern-day Polynesians, the native people of Hawaii and American Samoa, are descendants of Hagoth, according to the Mormons.

A number of Polynesians, believing the myth that Polynesians arrived from North America and not, as scientifically proven by anthropologists and archaeologists, have converted to Mormonism.

Romney was able to use the influence of Mormons in Hawaii and American Samoa to ensure caucus wins in Hawaii and American Samoa. Romney beat Rick Santorum 45 to 25 percent in the Hawaii caucus.

In American Samoa, where 70 delegates voted for Romney at the Toa Bar & Grill in Pago Pago, Romney walked away with 6 delegates and 3 super delegates to the Tampa convention.

The American Samoa ratio hardly seems fair considering Alabama's primary voter numbers topped 2008's turnout, with 614,940 total people voting and 29 percent of them voting for Romney with a delegate pickup of 11 for Romney.

Romney also picked up 18 delegates last weekend in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

However, the Chamoru people are Micronesian, not the Polynesians extolled as descendants of Hagoth of the tribe of Lehi by the Mormons and their Polynesian Culture Center in Oahu, which adulterates Polynesian history with an invented historical past.

In essence, although the Micronesians of Guam and the Northern Marianas are deemed "second-class" Pacific islanders by the historically and traditionally racially-bigoted Mormon Church, their delegates were, nevertheless, grabbed up by a man who believes in the Mormon-invented history of the peoples of the Pacific.

source: Wayne Madsen Reports Exclusive

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