Monday, March 5, 2012

WIN: Republican party responsible for Feminism's Fourth Wave

The Republican party could single-handedly starting the fourth wave of feminism in the United States. On Friday, faced with legislation on both national and state levels intent on rolling back gains women have made in equality over the last century, an unprecedented number of organizations announced they would be uniting to form the HERVotes coalition. 

Fifty-one national women’s organizations are taking part “to protect the gains women have made in the workplace, health care, education and basic individual rights and to continue moving forward an equality agenda.” 

Rightardia thinks Rick Santorums's bibical views of women as men's helpers and Rush Limbaugh's attack on a Georgtown student, Sandra Fluke, have added insult to injury.

The "birth control" controversy in DC didn't help the GOP and many pundits think the GOP fell into a Democratic trap over the issue.

Watch for the GOP to have a tough time at the polls with women in 2012. The trend is already quite apparent.

Rightardia suspects Hillary Clinton will be valuable in this fourth wave movement. She has never had any patience with GOP machismo.



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