Friday, March 23, 2012

WIN: Neighbors seek help for father of four detained by ICE


By Doug Cunningham

Supporters of a Manitowoc, Wisconsin father of four detained by Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) and threatened with deportation are urging ICE to use prosecutorial discretion and not deport him.

Jaime Martinez Espinal has lived in Wisconsin for fourteen years and is the family’s sole breadwinner. A petition supporting him can be found at Espinal’s supporters say ICE is supposed to be focused on dangerous criminals and security risks and not people like Espinal.

ICE seems to be involved in areas that are outside of immigration and custom issues. ICE is also involved with Operation Predator, a nationwide Homeland Security initiative to protect children from sexual predators. It also shuttered several we sites that were alleged to be selling counterfeit merchandise.. 

Now, ask yourself this: What will the Agency be doing 10 years from now? Or, 20? In a little more than half a decade, DHS has morphed from protecting us from terrorists to protecting us from fake merchandise. Who is going to protect us from DHS? 

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