Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WIN: More problems surface for Apple’s China subcontractors


National Public Radio recently spoke with 25 workers at a Pegatron factory who were injured in a December blast.

The December explosion at the plant happened only a few hours after inspectors from Apple left the premises.

Three months later a number of the 59 injured workers are still hospitalized. That blast came seven months after a similar explosion at another Apple supplier, Foxconn.

The Pegatron employees said they were never told about the Foxconn blast nor where they ever told that the aluminum dust was combustible.

They said that while there were some air filters in the factory the air was constantly filled with dust particles. In advance of the Apple inspectors coming through the workers were told to clean up the workspace.

Prior to NPR contacting the workers they had said they’d never received a call or visit from the U.S. electronics giant to ask about the blast.

Foxconn has consistently been criticized for working conditions and over the entirety of 2010 the company had to deal with more than a dozen suicide attempts.

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