Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tampa Bay Times: More questions arise over tactics by Pinellas sheriff's narcotics unit

LARGO — "Three Pinellas narcotics detectives improperly and routinely accessed Progress Energy billing records for years, then misled the State Attorney's Office to cover their tracks, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri acknowledged Friday.

The arrangement had "the air of deceit,'' he said, and could weaken the state's ability to prosecute the drug cases involved."

Rightardia noticed another story in which Pinellas County Sheriff's detectives were posing as Progress Energy energy auditors to get access to homes without a warrant. 

This story suggests that Progress Energy is collaborating with law enforcement. Law enforcement should never be able to log into a corporate customer DB unless the police have hacked in. In the past detectives form the sheriff's department were also wearing Progress Energy shirts. 

Rightardia thinks that BrightHouse Networks may also be collaborating with law enforcement. After we recently secured out network, a "tier 3 engineer" form BrightHouse Networks showed up at door unannounced at tried to walk into the office. 

He wondered if we were having trouble with out BrightHouse cable network. We told him "no" and refused to allow him to enter the premises

We found this BrightHouse engineer around the corner about an hour later working on a laptop. We suspect he was trying to hack into out office network.  

Our advice to readers, do not let unsolicited trades people into your home, particularly from Progress Energy or BrightHouse Networks

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See the complete article at:  More questions arise over tactics by Pinellas sheriff's narcotics unit - Tampa Bay Times

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