Friday, March 2, 2012

Tampa Bay Times: Pinellas detective dressed as Progress Energy worker in search of marijuana

"A Pinellas sheriff's detective says that in an effort to seek out homegrown marijuana, he donned a Progress Energy uniform as a "ruse" and then entered a homeowner's property without a search warrant."

This is amazing. Police are dressing up as corporate repair people to gain access to homes without a warrant. Rightardia gets mail and phone calls all of the time for "free energy audits." 

Police monitor energy consumption looking for potential grow houses and then pose as corporate workers to get into a home without a warrant to see if something illegal is going on. 

of course, once the detective is given access to the home and sees anything illegal, they police would go in front of a judge to get a warrant and lie about how they got evidence of illegal activities.  

What 's the new policy of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office? As long as the police supervisor approves of the ruse and the corporations that is being impersonated will allow the police to use their corporate clothing, why not? 

Rightardia's advice. don't let Progress Energy or any third party person inspect your home. Call a company if you need services, but ignore unsolicited requests to "inspect your home." 

Insurance companies are also offering free inspections and if they see something in your home they consider a problem like an old roof, your insurance premiums will go way up. 

source: Pinellas detective dressed as Progress Energy worker in search of marijuana - Tampa Bay Times

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