Saturday, March 17, 2012

Newt must stay in the race to save America from itself

Newt implied that he is the only candidate who is the intellectual equal of Ronald Reagan. Reagan was hardly the brightest contemporary president, Richard Nixon was probably a lot smarter. The Newster said: 

Other than Ronald Reagan, I know of no Republican in my lifetime who's been able to talk like this," Mr. Gingrich told a banquet crowd here, referring to his own policy ideas on energy, brain science and other matters. "That's why I'm still running, because the gap is so huge.

As speaker Gingrich was arguably the least-liked politician in the entire country with only 9% of Americans wanting him to become president and 49% calling him “scary.”

 By 1997, his approval rating was a dismal 25%. He was the “nation’s most unpopular politician.”

Rightardia thinks Gingrich is either a narcissist or a megalo-maniac. Either way he is unsuitable for a national office.  

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