Saturday, March 17, 2012

Newt Gingrich should resign from the GOP race

Newt is in complete denial. His campaign manager, Rick Tyler, thinks Gingrich is on the path to the GOP convention nomination after losing two Deep South states: Mississippi and Alabama.

Martin Bashir is incredulous that Tyler thinks Gingrich can win the nomination and thinks he is staying in the trace to damage Romney.

Tyler suggests that isn't entirely correct implying damaging Romney is part of the campaign strategy to keep Gingrich on "equal footing" with Romney.

Of course, Gingrich is in third place, far behind Mittens and Simple Rick.

Democrats know that a Gingrich nomination would make the GOP an easy mark in November. Many Republicans agree that Newt is a "has been" who was destructive influence in the Republican party.

Rightardia would guess that Newt has his eye on the VP slot. He will try to negotiate his delegate count with the Romney team for the VP position or a cabinet position if Romney is elected.

As cabinet positions go, Newt would probably want the Secretary of Defense job.

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