Friday, March 9, 2012

IBOPE/Zogby and Intrade: Obama reelection is likely

UTICA, NY – More than Two-thirds of likely voters believe Barack Obama will be re-elected President.  Even 42% of Republican voters agree  

Overall, the March 2-5 IBOPE/Zogby interactive finds:
  1. 31 per cent saying it is very likely Obama will win in November 
  2. 34 per cent saying it is somewhat likely, for a total of 65 per cent. 
  3. Democrats are very confident, with 87 per cent  agreeing Obama will likely win. 
  4. Among independents, 63 per cent  expect Obama’s re-election.
The IBOPE/Zogby poll is very similar to the Intrade prediction market results: 

See the complete story at  (POSTED ON Mar 8, 2012By Daniel DeVries) 

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